MBDA Germany Procurement Information


MBDA Germany commits itself to deliver outstanding products and services to its current and future customers along the entire product life cycle. Therefore, MBDA Germany sets high standards not only for its own business, but also for each stakeholder within the entire Supply Chain.

In alignment with MBDA Germany's strategic procurement goals, we aim to purchase high quality products and services at best prices within requested delivery times. Additionally, there are legal, ethical, procedural and environmental requirements we and therefore also our suppliers have to meet.


For further information please visit our MBDA Corporate Supplier Website.



MBDA Germany provides the following documents for current and future suppliers:


Procurement Policy:


   MBDA Germany Procurement Policy




   End User Statement

Sicherheitstechnische Anweisungen für Fremdfirmen


   Standort Schrobenhausen

Änderungsantrag / Change Request


   Änderungsantrag / Change Request

Bauabweichung / Concession


   Bauabweichung / Concession

QM-Anforderungen / Basic QM-Requirements


   Basis QM-Anforderungen an Lieferanten

   Basic QM-Requirements for suppliers

REACH-Erklärung / REACH-Statement




   REACH-Statement non EU